The last thing you want to plan for on your wedding day is some sort of disaster; unfortunately, travesty can occur during your wedding, and you need to be both prepared and insured! Travesty such as, bad weather causing you to change the date, damged gifts, damage to your gown, etc. wedding insurance can help protect you against these unfortunate circumstances.

What exactly is wedding insurance? Wedding insurance will protect and reimburse a couple’s deposit from circumstances that are out of their control; for example, your limo service cancels at the very last minute, and you have to find another company…or if the place you’re holding your reception goes out of business a month or two before your wedding, and you lose your deposit…or you’re trying on your dress, a few days before the wedding, and accidentally rip it or spill something on it…all of these unfortunate events and financial losses will be covered when you invest in wedding insurance!

You should invest in wedding insurance as soon as possible; if you’re planning your wedding a year in advance, and you’ve already booked both the ceremony and reception locations, you should think about getting an insurance policy. If something unfortunate were to happen, you would get your deposit back to book a new location.

Just to reiterate what Wedding Insurance covers: if something is wrong with the ceremony/reception site, weather, vendors, illness or injury to someone in the wedding party/family. If any of these circumstances happen, and you either have to cancel or relocate, wedding insurance will help protect your finances!

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