Umbrella insurance is a liability policy that helps protect you and the assets and future income you earn; it is designed to give you liability protection. When you have umbrella insurance, coverage gaps that you are missing will be filled in to help further protect you.

It is commonly referred to umbrella because it shields your assets more broadly than primary coverage. It covers liability claims from insurance policies underneath it, like homeowners, boat and auto insurance policies. This insurance comes into effect when other current policies has been exhausted; it is very similar to a safety net.

This liability insurance is very inexpensive, and that extra insurance money can come in handy in the event of you being sued. Paying for this coverage insurance is a small cost, especially compared to paying a lawsuit.

Having umbrella insurance, gives you something to fall back on, like a safety net; in the event that one of you policies has exhausted itself, you have a great backup plan that will protect you in its place. If you have more questions about our umbrella insurance, of if you’d like a free quote, please give us a call at (978) 745-3300 or contact us online.

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